Australia visa

Getting an Australian visa is a hassle no more because we are here ready to assist you. Here are the other details about Korean visa:

The Australia visa system is one of the world’s most advanced, and they have a number of well-established visa application pathways.

Australian Tourist Visa or Business Visa?

This guide is for those applying for an Australian Visitor Visa (subclass 600) online. Although under this visa, there are two streams: Tourist and Business.

  • Tourist Stream. According to VFS, a tourist is a person visiting Australia temporarily “for a holiday. Also for a visit to relatives or friends, or for other short-term non-work purposes. Its also including a study for less than three months.”
  • Business Stream. This type also is for those who are flying to Australia for a business-related activity like attending a conference or meeting a client. Moreover, this is different from a Work Visa, which we know nothing about.

If you’re eyeing another type (long-term study, work, residency visas), I’m afraid we can’t help you because we haven’t experienced it.

List of Requirements for Australia Tourist Visa:

  1. First of all fully filled-up application Form (Form 1419)

  2. Second Passport (at least 6 months valid)

  3. Third Photocopy of all issued visa

  4. Fourth Two (2) pieces passport size photo

  5. Then Proof of Employment:

If employed: Certificate of employment w/ place, salary, and tenure

Approved leave of absence

Latest Income Tax Return (ITR)

If business owner: Complete Business Registration (Current Business License, DTI/SEC, and BIR Registration)

Latest Company Income Tax Return (ITR)

  1. In addition Evidence of Sufficient Funds: Bank Certificate & Statement of Account (3 months)

Bank Book

  1. Proof of Assets: Car Registration, proprieties, Land Titles etc.

  2. NSO Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

  3. NSO Birth Certificate

  4. n a student: Together with School certificate (latest enrollment) with a copy of student ID

  5. If minor: NSO Birth Certificate

NSO Marriage Certificate of Parents

Notarized Affidavit of Support

Visa of traveling companion

  1. If not traveling with parent: DSWD Clearance, Affidavit of Support and Consent

  2. An applicant is 75 years old and above: Medical and X-Ray Examination

  3. Sponsored/Invited: Letter of Invitation/Sponsorship and proof of funds from the invitee/sponsor

Coupled with Proof of Citizenship (invitee) - a copy of passport, citizenship, resident card

  1. Certificate of retirement

  2. Flight Itinerary

  3. Additionally Hotel Booking Confirmation

  4. Furthermore, maybe other requirements required by the consul/embassy if necessary

Visa and Processing Fee: contact us

Processing Time: Minimum of 30 days

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